Monday, March 25, 2013

random playlist

bulletproof love - pierce the veil
shark in the water - vv brown
I write sins not tragedies - panic! At the disco
Give me your hand - The ready set
Take a walk - Passion pit
Strictly game - Harlem shakes
Zombie - Family Force 5
Cray button - Family force 5
When did your heart go missing - Rooney
In the middle - Jimmy eat world
& down - Boys Noize
Bliss - Muse
Scary Monsters and nice sprite - skrillex
King for a day - Pierce the veil
bullet - Hollywood Undead
Beilieve - Hollywood undead
Listomania - Pheonix
1901 - Pheonix
Your gonna go far kid - The offspring
Dark Blue - Jacks Mannequin
Gives you hell - All-American Rejects


  1. I went on ur blog and i was like........ WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!! I SEEEE THE LIGHTTTT!!! So.... congrats u've officially blinded me. I hope ur happy